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The OpenGL® Programming Guide
8th Edition
Dave Shreiner, Graham Sellers, John Kessenich, and Bill Licea-Kane

Welcome to the website for the OpenGL Programming Guide (the "Red Book"). We've just released the eight edition; an almost complete rewrite the book. This edition jettisons all of the "legacy" style of OpenGL Programming, and is entirely shader based, covering every stage of the OpenGL version 4.3 graphics pipeline. In this manual, we discuss the essiential vertex and fragment shaders, along with geometry, tesselation, and compute shaders. In addition, this version of the Red Book folds in updated chapters from the OpenGL Shading Language guilde (the "Orange Book") for one-stop reference for your OpenGL application development.

Update: Thanks to all of you who have picked up a copy of the latest version of the OpenGL Progrmaming Guide. We know a number of you have been looking for the source code from the book. Here is a link to most of the code. It's not all of the code, since Dave's traveling and hasn't been able to verify all the code that's in our repository. Sorry for the delay, and as soon as he's not working his Mac laptop (bohyah!), he'll get rest of it up here.

Thanks, and happy hacking!
The OpenGL Progamming Guide Team